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Another of the many serialized adventure shows created in the wake of such similar efforts as 24 and Lost, ABC's Traveler starred Matthew Bomerand and Logan Marshall-Green as Jay Burchell and Tyler Fog, a freewheeling pair of graduate students who have fallen under the spell of an inveterate--and highly secretive--prankster calling himself Will Traveler (Aaron Stanford). For two years, Traveler had been goading Jay and Tyler into performing a variety of prankish stunts, climaxed by a roller-blading excursion in the vicinity of a famous museum. Almost on cue, the museum is blown up, and the boys were suspected of being terrorists. Seeking out Will Traveler to provide them an alibi, the unlucky duo not only found out he had completely disappeared, but also that there was no evidence that he ever existed! Hotly pursued by FBI agents Naj Marlow (Viola Davis) and Fred Chambers (Steven Culp), Jay and Tyler embarked upon a country-wide odyssey, hoping to track down the elusive Traveler and clear their names. As was often the case in such series, there was a vast and sinister conspiracy pulling the plot strings, and also a few "rotten apples" amongst the federal authorities. Traveler was introduced with a limited eight-episode run beginning May 10, 2007. ~ Hal Erickson, Rovi