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An amalgam of Death Race 2000 and Lost with CGI effects thrown in, the quasi-fantasy action series Drive centered around a strange, exclusive, strictly secret and highly illegal cross-country race, wherein the contestants were all but shanghaied into participating for a winning purse of $32,000,000--assuming they lived that long. The first contestant was Alex (Nathan Fillion), who was desperately searching for his missing wife. A mystical race promoter named Mr. Bright (Charles Martin Smith) lured Alex to Florida by implying that he'd never see his wife again unless he agreed to become a driver. Alex was then teamed with wild blonde Kristin (Corinna Wiles), who acted as if she knew what it was all about. In truth, NO one knew what it was all about--not the woman just released from a hospital, nor the two siblings who were driving a "cursed" Cadillac, nor the paroled criminal, nor the Iraq veteran and his girlfriend, nor the scientist and his teenaged daughter. Though everyone knew that the race began in Florida, none of the racers had the slightest idea where it was headed, nor the remotest clue as to the location of the finish line. And how about the fact that none of the vehicles were actually sports cars? Only one thing was certain: Those who lost the race faced the direst of consequences. As was often the cast in enigmatic exercises of this nature, the course of the race and the backstories of the contestants were revealed bit by bit, episode by episode, on a need-to-know basis. Drive first parked itself on the Fox network on April 15, 2007. ~ Hal Erickson, Rovi