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Originally titled Palm Springs, the CW teen-angst series Hidden Palms would seem to have been a bid by producer-creator Kevin Williamson to replicate the success and appeal of his earlier TV hit Dawson's Creek. The series also served to reunite two former stars of the similar series The O.C., Taylor Handley and Michael Cassidy. Handley was cast as rebellious high schooler Johnny Miller, who after witnessing his dad's suicide and spending a lot of time in rehab, was relocated by his mother Karen (Gail O'Grady) and his stepdad Bob (D.W. Moffett) to one of the wealthier sections of Palm Springs, California. During an inordinately troublesome period of adjustment, Johnny made the acquaintance of Cliff Wiatt (Handley), a handsome preppie with a pronounced "dark side." Along the way, our hero dallied with Greta Matthews (Amber Heard), whose gorgeousness was counterbalanced by her weirdness, and with Nikki Barnes (Tessa Thompson), another misfit fresh out of rehab. Also carrying a torch for Johnny was the community's resident science nerd Liza Witter (Ellery Porterfield), who spent much of her leisure time mixing strange chemicals. Amidst all the raging hormones and intramural romances and rivalries, the cast members managed to get themselve involved in a murder mystery. And oh yes, all the younger characters paraded around in microscopic swimwear (surprise, surprise). Debuting May 30, 2007, Hidden Palms bounced all over the CW nighttime schedule until its cancellation on July 4 of that year. ~ Hal Erickson, Rovi