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Writer-director Darren Fisher's innuendo-laden romantic comedy Popcorn unfurls entirely within the confines of a British multiplex known as "Moovieworld," where 19-year-old Danny (Jack Ryder) accepts a job with the intention of wooing and winning over usherette Suki (Jodi Albert) - little realizing that it is her last day at the theater. Faced with a very short amount of time in which to act, a desperate Danny cooks up a host of wild schemes designed to catch Suki's attention. He is assisted in his pursuits by fellow worker and consummate movie addict Zak (Luke de Woolfsoon) who vows to teach him the tricks of the trade as illustrated in various romantic movies. Meanwhile, theatrical manager Kris (Andrew-Lee Potts) learns of a "management plant" at the theater making a bundle by reselling old tickets, and decides to reel in the culprit, red-handed. ~ Nathan Southern, Rovi