1. In Bruges [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack]In Bruges [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack]

    Release Date: 2/05/08
    Label: Lakeshore Records

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Tracks Audio Video Lyrics
01. Prologue
02. Medieval Waters
03. The Little Dead Boy
04. St. John the Gambler, song
05. The Last Judgement
06. View From The Tower
07. My Suicide Your Homicide
08. Brandy Alexander, song
09. Save The Next Boy
10. Ray At The Mirror
11. Walking Bruges
12. The Magic Frog
13. Der Leiermann ("Drüben hinterm Dorfe..."), song for voice & piano (Wint
14. Harry Walks
15. Dressing For Death
16. The Kiss Walk Past
17. On Raglan Road, for traditional ensemble
18. Thugs Passing In The Night
19. Shootout Part 1
20. When He's Dead
21. Shootout Part 2
22. Principles
23. I Didn't Want To Die
24. Two Thousand Miles, song

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