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If one were in a whimsical mood, one might describe the ABC sitcom In Case of Emergency as a warm-hearted comedy about a lovable gang of serious disturbed mental patients. All of the main characters had been friends since high school, and all had found it well nigh impossible to cope with the pressures and exigencies of adulthood. Jason Ventress (David Arquette) was a financial genius who, after, being sucked into an illegal corporate scam, proved to be a spectacular failure as a would-be suicide. Harry Kennison (Jonathan Silverman) was a divorced greeting-card writer who went ballistic upon discovering that his high school's ex-valedictorian Kelly Lee (Kelly Hu) was unhappily employed in a massage parlor. And Sherman Yablonsky (Greg Germann) was a diet guru who went on a disastrous eating binge after his wife walked out on him with everything they owned. Landing in the same mental-health facility at L.A. Westside Hospital, the five protagonists proved to be quite a challenge to overworked therapist Dr. Joanna Lupone (Lori Loughlin). Acting as something of a conduit to the outside world was Harry Kennison's son, Dylan, played by Jackson Bond. Incredibly, the series was inspired by the real-life experiences of co-creator Howard J. Morris and his lifelong friend Emile Levisetti. In Case of Emergency premiered January 3, 2007. ~ Hal Erickson, Rovi