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A Bristol-based antiques dealer finds his luck going from bad to worse when the local loan sharks appear to collect and overdue payment, and his beloved bulldogs are kidnapped and held for ransom. Maurice owes some serious cash to a local moneylender, and he's hoping to keep the predicament a secret from his tempestuous wife Maria-Carmen. When Maurice's policeman son Raymond recognizes the true extent of his parents' problems, he resolves to take the law into his own hands in a bid to ease their suffering. Later, a group of New Age travelers hatch a plan to make a mint by stealing Maurice's prized bulldogs, a scheme that quickly turns sour when Luvah-devotee Norah realizes that her partner-in-crime Dennis threatens to harm the animals. Later, after Norah's boyfriend Spook is accidentally killed during the ransom drop, the hippie girl forms an allegiance with Raymond in an attempt to set the situation right. ~ Jason Buchanan, Rovi