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Apparitions from the past come to haunt a woman who is helps others transform their appearance in this atmospheric thriller from South Korea. Yoon-hee (Do Ji-won) is a successful plastic surgeon who has built a lucrative career out of the obsessions of a growing number of young women who long to have "the perfect face." Yoon-hee has a daughter in her early twenties, Hyun-soo (Shin Se-kyung), who is studying art, and a number of Hyun-soo's classmates have been her mother's patients. However, one night a strange apparition appears to Yoon-hee, demanding that its old face be returned. As Yoon-hee tries to make sense of this bizarre event, a number of young women who have had plastic surgery begin mutilating themselves in hopes of restoring their old appearance, and Yoon-hee tries to uncover the truth behind it all while Hyun-soo makes a surprising discovery about her mother's past. ~ Mark Deming, Rovi