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Based on a true story, I Can Make You Love Me: The Stalking of Laura Black largely takes place in California's Silicon Valley, where Virginia transplant Laura Black (Brooke Shields) is employed by a major high-tech firm as a computer specialist. Upset by the unsolicited advances of nerdish coworker Richard Farley (Richard Thomas), Laura files a complaint with her bosses, but finds it is difficult to get anyone to believe her: The delusional Farley has already spread the word about his "relationship" with Laura, and has even written to her parents about their "romance." Eventually Farley's ruse is exposed, and he is fired from his job--and Laura manages to get a restraining order against him to avoid dealing with him outside the workplace. It is at this point that harassment degenerates into all-out violence, with Farley triggering an all-out climactic bloodbath. Produced for the CBS TV network, the film first aired February 9, 1993; since that time, I Can Make You Love Me has been seen on cable television under the title Stalking Laura. ~ Hal Erickson, Rovi