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Explore the life of one of the most beloved but misunderstood icons in religious history as narrator Liam Neeson is joined by an assortment of scholars and authors in detailing the legacy of Ireland's St. Patrick. Frequently, but incorrectly, described as and Irishman who drove the snakes out of Ireland, St. Patrick was in fact an Englishman and ordained priest who was successor to Saint Palladius - first bishop of Ireland. Acclaimed actor Gabriel Byrne provides the voice of St. Patrick in an hour-long docudrama that also examines just how a foreign evangelical would have actually interacted with the Irish. St. Patrick of Ireland: A Biography author Philip Freeman, Oxford University historian David R. Howlett, and renowned Irish-American author Frank McCourt all offer join in to offer fascinating insight into the life of a celebrated historical figure whose influence continues to be felt centuries after his death. ~ Jason Buchanan, Rovi