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A former car racer gets more than he bargained for when he attempts to settle down and start selling used cars alongside his former mechanic in this rubber burning chase film directed by and starring The Dukes of Hazard's John Schneider. J.R. Collier (Schneider) is a racecar driver who thrives on speed, but when his wife Becky threatens to divorce him and take the couple's daughter Danielle away, the devoted wheelman suddenly downshifts. Realizing that he could very well lose his family, Collier decides to abandon the racetrack for the life of a used car salesman. But Collier still longs to drive fast, and in order to build up his lot he begins racing other drivers for the pink slips to their cars. Of course it isn't long before Collier has built up an impressive array of automobiles. Trouble arises, however, when Collier races an overconfident, Ferrari driving Texan and wins the papers to a car with a valuable secret. As it turns out, the owner of the Ferrari is a man named Mr. Fanning, and Mr. Fanning is willing to do whatever it takes to retrieve his valuable property. After kidnapping Collier's wife and daughter, Mr. Fanning sends a team of his most talented men to get the car back. Not realizing that his wife and daughter are in grave danger, the unsuspecting Collier does his best to avoid the fast driving thugs at all costs as the situation grows increasingly tense. ~ Jason Buchanan, Rovi