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True to its title, this cable-TV vehicle for popular recording artist Ice-T found the eponymous star conducting classes in rap music. Adding extra spice to the mix was the fact that all of Ice-T's pupils were wealthy eighth-grade students attending York Prep, a private school located in New York City's fashionable Upper West Side. As was often the case in such reality series, the students (only one of whom was African-American) were identified either by their first names (Dodge, Sophia, Phil, Mary, Sam, Leir, Erin, Arielle) or by the "stage names" imposed upon them by Ice-T. The star's task was to hone the kids' singing, dancing, and rhyming skills to the point that they would be able to function as opening act for rap group Public Enemy at "BB King's" in New York. Although "culture clash" was the order of the day, a lighthearted and good-natured ambience pervaded the whole project. In one episode, for example, the kids face the prospect of a visit to the South Bronx with abject terror, only to have the time of their lives upon arrival. Ice-T's Rap School made its VH1 debut on October 17, 2006. ~ Hal Erickson, Rovi