1. Meet Dave [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack]Meet Dave [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack]

    Release Date: 7/01/08
    Label: Varèse Sarabande

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01. Orb Arrives On Earth
02. Dave Comes To Earth
03. Gina Runs Into Dave
04. Dave's System Check
05. Addressing The Crew
06. Drunken Man In Alley
07. Whipping Eggs
08. A Kiss In The Park
09. Welcome To Old Navy
10. Deli Robbers
11. Gina's Painting
12. Urban Camping With Dave
13. Dave To The Rescue
14. Standoff
15. I'm In Charge Now
16. Evil Dave Blasts Police Station
17. Reinforcements Arrive
18. Never Argue With A Female
19. Betrayal / Mini Dave And No. 3
20. Saved By The Bus / Dave's True Feelings
21. Hailing A Cab
22. The Battle Begins
23. I Am Dave Ming Chang
24. Saving Earth
25. Power Shutdown
26. Mini Dave Apologizes
27. Blast Off And Return

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