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The half-hour animated series Growing Up Creepie chronicled the adventures of a human girl child who'd been abandoned on the doorstep of Dweezworld mansion. Raised by a friendly family of bugs, little Creepie was content with her lot until time came for her to attend school with other humans -- or, as she disdainfully described them, "oversized, clod-footed bipeds." Middlington Middle School proved to be a strange, eye-opening experience for Creepie, but she managed to retain her own personality, neither succumbing to the temptation of being a "normal" kid nor reverting to 100 percent insecthood. Of course, now that she was part of the "outside" world, it behooved her to keep the existence of her Dweezworld family a secret so that they wouldn't end up fumigated. Others in the cast included Creepie's adoptive parents Caroleena, a praying mantis; Vinnie, a Dracula-esque mosquito; her step-siblings Gnat, a zany wolf bug; and Pauly, a voracious pillbug; her best human friends Budge (aka Beauregard Bently II) and Chris-Alice Hollyruller (whose dad happened to be the local exterminator!); her schoolroom nemeses Carla and Melanie; Harry Helby, most popular boy in school, who came equipped with a radar to detect likely dates; rule-bound math teacher Ms. Monsterrate; and nice but dull science teacher Dr. Pappas. Produced for the Discovery Kids cable network, Growing Up Creepie debuted September 9, 2006. ~ Hal Erickson, Rovi