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Unlike many of the other sitcoms of the 2006-2007 series which catered to the under-30 crowd, Twenty Good Years was carefully calculated to appeal to the "oldsters" in the audience--that is, anyone over 30. Seasoned comedy pros John Lithgow and Jeffrey Tambor were cast respectively as pompous surgeon John Mason and widowed judge Jeffrey Pyne, best friends despite the fact that they were polar opposites. At age 60, Mason was forcibly retired; at the same age, Pyne was being pressured by his current sweetheart to get married again. Hoping to escape the exigencies of their lives and to prove that they were still young and heart, Mason and Pyne vowed to have a grand old time with the time they had left, and to do all the things they'd never dared to do before, from participating in extreme sports to appearing at the beach wearing speedos! Outside of the stars, the only other actors with roles of any consequence were Heather Burns as Mason's pregnant daughter Stella and Jake Sandvig as Pyne's gormless son Hugh. Twenty Good Years launched its NBC run on October 11, 2006. ~ Hal Erickson, Rovi