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Sitcom veteran Ted Danson starred in this 30-minute ABC series, characterized by more than one critic as an edgier, up-to-date Bob Newhart Show. This time, Danson was seen as outwardly cool, calm, and collected psychotherapist Dr. Bill Hoffman, who conducted a weekly therapy session with a group of truly messed-up people. So beneficial was Dr. Bill's advice to his charges that it was just as well they had no inkling about his own chaotic private life, in which he continued to moon over his ex-wife (a recurring character played by Jane Kaczmarek) and brood over the fact that his restless daughter, Sasha (Lindsay Sloane), was carrying on with a much-older man. Dr. Bill's patients included Darlene (Darlene Hunt), whose nymphomania was but one of many hang-ups; Michael (Jere Burns), who had serious issues with anger; Dave (Charlie Finn), an office worker and would-be suicide who was inept at both pursuits; and Inger (Suzy Nakamura), who was bereft of all forms of basic social graces. Help Me Help You first hung up its shingle on September 26, 2006. ~ Hal Erickson, Rovi