1. The Hunting Party [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack]The Hunting Party [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack]

    Release Date: 8/21/07
    Label: Lakeshore Records

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01. The Hunting Party Hits The Road
02. The Doctor Is Everywhere
03. Duck Reunited With Simon
04. Kidnapped!
05. The Drive Up To Celebici
06. Telling Of The Fox
07. Persuading Duck
08. How Simon Met Marta
09. A Killer Called Srdian
10. Back To Sarajevo
11. The Fox Hunts; FOCA... "Don't Touch Him!"
12. Boris & The Un Conspiracy
13. Simon Discovers Marta In The Rubble
14. She's Gone; Simon's Loss
15. Pursuit Of The Orange Cars
16. Meeting Boris In The Tunnel
17. Fooling The Informant
18. Deadly Ride
19. Trust Nobody
20. Bound, Gagged, And Ready To Die
21. Airlifted Out... And Running Back In
22. Catch And Release
23. I Fought The Law, song (as used in the Films "Firehouse Dog" & "The Hun
24. Barra Barra, song (as used in the film "The Hunting Party") [From the H
25. Putsi, Putsi Modu, song (as used in the film "The Hunting Party") [From
26. The Juicer, song (as used in the film "The Hunting Party") [From the Huntin
27. It's A Bad Situation In A Beautiful Place, song (as used in the film "T
28. Village Song, song (as used in the film "The Hunting Party") [From the

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