1. Jeff Daniels
    (Charlie Driggs)

  2. Melanie Griffith
    (Audrey 'Lulu' Hankel)

  3. Ray Liotta
    (Ray Sinclair)

  1. Margaret Colin

  2. Tracey Walter
    (The Country Squire)

  3. John Sayles
    (Motorcycle Cop)

  1. Charles Napier
    (Irate Chef)

  2. Kenneth Utt

  3. Emma Bryne
    (Junk Store Gal)

  1. John Carpenter

  2. The Crew
    (Gas Station Rapper)

  3. Lee Joseph Davis
    (James Williams)

  1. Ding-A-Ling
    (Motorcycle Dog)

  2. Ardella Mary Drew
    (Donna Penski)

  3. Dung Chau
    (Robbery Victim)

  1. Sister Carol East

  2. The Feelies
    (The Willies)

  3. Jeff Herig
    (Police Officer)

  1. D. Byron Hutcherson

  2. Max the Dog

  3. Stanton D. Miranda

  1. Robert Ridgely
    (Richard Graves)

  2. R. Jeffery Rioux

  3. Steve Scales

  1. K. Marilee Smith

  2. T. Maggie
    (Country Squire Bulldog)

  3. Henry George Wyche, Jr.

  1. The Texas Kid
    (Hitchhiking Cowboy)

  2. George "Red" Schwartz
    (Counter Man)

  3. Leib Lensky

  1. Patricia Falkenhain
    (Charlie's Secretary)

  2. Sandy McLeod
    (Graves' Secretary)

  3. Buzz Kilman
    (TV Newscaster)

  1. Adelle Lutz

  2. Jim Roche
    (Motel Philosopher)

  3. Eleana Hutcherson
    (Hitchhiking Kid)

  1. Thomas Cavano
    (Guitar Player)

  2. Dorothy Demme
    (Junk Store Gal)

  3. Edward Saxon
    (Kevin Stroup)

  1. James Hurd
    (Stylish Reunion Couple)

  2. Joanna Kitchen-Hurd
    (Stylish Reunion Couple)

  3. Gary Goetzman
    (Guido Paonessa)

  1. Chloe Amateau

  2. John Montgomery
    (Harmonica Slim)

  3. Heather Shaw
    (Choir Girl)

  1. Vic Blair
    (Cowboy Maitre d')

  2. Johnny Marrs
    (Motorcycle Driver)

  3. Gil Lazier
    (Homicide Detective)

  1. Anna Levine
    (The Girl in 3F)

  2. Dana Preu

  3. Jack Gilpin
    (Larry Dillman)

  1. Su Tissue
    (Peggy Dillman)

  2. Kristin Olsen

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