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Director Gavin Miller adapts Scottish author Iain Banks' novel about a troubled young man striving to unearth the secrets of his family past while simultaneously sleuthing to find out what fate really befell his long-missing uncle. Prentice McHoan (Joseph McFadden) is an emotionally confused and self-destructive boy from a family that seems particularly prone to premature death. He resents his father (Bill Paterson), is deeply jealous of his handsome and witty brother, and harbors a secret crush on his pretty cousin. Six years ago, Prentice's uncle Rory went missing without a trace. While some believe Rory is simply wandering, others -- such as Prentice's mother -- suspect that he has in fact died. Though Prentice at first views his father's atheistic apathy toward the situation as a hindrance, he gradually discovers that there may be some merit to the older and wiser man's mindset. ~ Jeremy Wheeler, Rovi