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A South London DJ battle serves as the backdrop for this hip-hop flavored tale of star crossed lovers headlined by So Solid Crew rhymer Ashley Walters (aka Asher D) and former Precious vocalist Rose. By day Danny (Walters) works in a specialty record store, but when the sun goes down the aspiring music producer and The Motion Crew set the local club scene ablaze. When Danny meets middle-class law student Carmen (Rose) he is immediately smitten. A soulful-voiced singer who has given up her musical career to study law, Carmen is currently being courted by Hard Cash Crew leader Money Man (Karl Francis) - who wants the talented vocalist to perform with his posse at an upcoming competition and won't take "no" for an answer. Unfortunately The Motion Crew and the Hard Cash Crew are bitter rivals, and as the upcoming war of words draws near tensions between Danny, his best friend, his well-educated love interest, and the two feuding crews threatens to come to an explosive head. ~ Jason Buchanan, Rovi