1. Leatherheads [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack]Leatherheads [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack]

    Release Date: 3/25/08
    Label: Varèse Sarabande

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Tracks Audio Video Lyrics
01. The Princeton Tiger
02. Good Old Princeton: The College Game
03. The Professional Game
04. The Pros Go to College
05. Help From High School (Gonged)
06. Dodge
07. Lexi
08. Ich Gebe Auf
09. Carter Is Blue
10. How One Longs for Princeton
11. Ah, Love
12. The Man I Love, song (from Strike Up the Band, 1st version; orig. composed
13. Pool Party
14. Dan Higgins
15. Trouble
16. Up Close and Personal
17. The Ambiguity of Victory
18. Sgt. York
19. Into the Sunset
20. Reprise for Tiffany

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