1. Reign Over Me [Orginal Motion Picture Soundtrack]Reign Over Me [Orginal Motion Picture Soundtrack]

    Release Date: 3/20/07
    Label: Lakeshore Records

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01. Learning What Has Happened To Charlie
02. Alan's Parents
03. Disturbed By Questions
04. Can He Come Out?
05. Coffee In Grand Central Station
06. The Loss Of A Father
07. Remar's Scent
08. Alan Recognizes... / Breakfast Alone With The Family
09. The Desire To Help
10. Taxi Stand-Off
11. Evaluation
12. There's Going To Be A Hearing / I Hated Kitchen Talk
13. Playing Collossus
14. So Broken
15. New Life
16. Alan Opens Up
17. Pictures In Court
18. Charlie's Theme
19. Remar's Theme
20. Alan and Charlie
21. A Lonely Life

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