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The grim circumstances of three prostitutes working the streets of Moscow are examined in this gritty urban drama. Nina (Darya Moroz) was born and raised by abusive parents in a dying factory town, and she's come to Moscow in hopes of earning a living as a streetwalker. Nina hasn't been on the job long when she's roughed up by a crooked cop who demands free sex from her; Nina is rescued by Anya (Anna Ukolova), a fellow hooker who takes pity on her and lets her stay at the shabby apartment where she lives with another working girl, Kira (Victoria Isakova). Anya is pretty and has regular clients who treat her with respect, and she offers to teach Nina about the trade, though it soon becomes obvious Anya faces the same dangers as any other woman selling sex for money. For Kira, prostitution is as dreary and dull as any other job, and like most of her colleagues she can't escape the violence and degradation clients bring into her life. Tochka (aka The Spot) was directed by Yuri Moroz, who cast his wife Victoria Isakova as Kira and his daughter Darya Moroz as Nina. ~ Mark Deming, Rovi