1. Vacancy [Film Soundtrack]Vacancy [Film Soundtrack]

    Release Date: 8/28/07
    Label: Commotion Records

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01. Vacancy Main Title Theme
02. Lost In Nowhere
03. Meeting Mason
04. Trapped
05. Phone Booth
06. Under Surveillance
07. Trucker Arrival
08. Rats In The Tunnel
09. They're Under Us!
10. Nobody's Fault
11. Searching The House
12. Chase And Barricade
13. David Stabbed
14. A New Day
15. Killed By A Beamer
16. Going For A Gun
17. Amy Attacked
18. Amy's Revenge
19. Finding David
20. Vacancy End Credits
21. Vacancy Variant Acid Remix (as used in the film Vacancy)
22. Temps Perdu Remix (as used in the film Vacancy)
23. Transmutation Void Remix (as used in the film Vacancy)

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