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The unexpected death of a close friend prompts a group of developmentally arrested twenty-somethings to move beyond their youthful indulgences and face the frightening prospect of entering into the adult world in director Michael Oates' heart-rending but good-humored coming of age tale. The funeral of their faithful high-school pal Bender just days away, college hopeful Mitch (Kip Pardue), hard-working Stan (Eddie Kay Thomas), and perpetually wasted Dixon Josh Cooke) come together to pay tribute to their fallen friend by tooling around their old home town and straining to top their notorious high-school hi-jinks. Their lives seemingly pre-destined to follow some invisible but unwavering path, Mitch and Stan watch over their volatile friend Dixon as the troubled walking time-bomb attempts to bury his guilt for being at the scene of the accident but unable to save Bender's life. ~ Jason Buchanan, Rovi