1. The Nativity Story [Original Motion Picture Score]

    Release Date: 12/04/06

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01. Veni, Veni Emanuel
02. Words of the Prophet
03. Nazareth
04. You Shall Be His Wife
05. The Annunciation
06. To Elizabeth
07. The Magi
08. Why Is It Me?
09. Corde natus Ex Parentis
10. Return of Mary
11. I've Broken No Vow
12. Census
13. The Journey
14. Give Me A Sign
15. The Shepherd
16. And Thou Bethlehem
17. Is There A Place For Us?
18. A Star Shall Come Forth
19. I Bring You Good Tidings
20. The Strength I Prayed For
21. The Shepherd's Gift
22. In Rosa Vernat Lilium
23. Silens Nox
24. Rosa Aeterna Floret

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