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Michael Preston, Jordan Seider, Claire Smithies, and Brad Sergi co-star in the direct-to-video natural disaster thriller Wildfire. Sisters Carol (Smithies) and Ballad (Seider), the co-owners and proprietors of a sanctuary for endangered animals, find the lives of their furry friends gravely endangered when an out-of-control forest blaze closes in on the creatures. Ballad's fire-fighter boyfriend Kennedy and his fireman friends construct a "break line" to halt the advancing flames, but a more arresting development lies afoot -- soulless corporate bigwigs have instigated the fire in a nasty attempt to wipe the land clean, acquire it for pennies, and reap a massive profit. It's the small fries versus the corporate nasties, in the tradition of Fighting Mad and The Gunfighters. Henri Charr directs this family-oriented, edge-of-your seat adventure, from a script by Jim Goddard, Steven Jones, and Sreescanda. ~ Nathan Southern, Rovi