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Stephen Patrick Walker helms the direct-to-video feature Judges. An ensemble starring DJ Perry, Paul Ricioppo, Terry Jernigan, and Tyler Allen, and adapted from a series of popular comics, Judges updates the spaghetti Western to the present day. Evil rulers have overtaken the town of Learsi, and all is not well in this hamlet -- until an angry, justice-seeking drifter named Buddy Colt comes riding into town and recruits a team of desperadoes known as the Judges to help him gain retribution for the annihilation of his brother. Working together, the Judges -- among them, Danny Strong, Skinny Pete, Will Creed, Iron Joe Parelli, and Irish Pat Kelly -- will go head-to-head with the villains -- led by the nasty Sonny King -- in an effort to wipe evil from the town once and for all. ~ Nathan Southern, Rovi