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Created by Mitchell Kriegman of Bear in the Big Blue House fame, the daily, half-hour children's series It's a Big Big World took place in and around the "World Tree", somewhere in a magical forest. Heading the cast was Snook, a giant dancing sloth who helped his fellow World Tree residents and neighbors understand basic concepts in Science and Geography. Snook's friends include a pair of playing marmoset siblings, Smooch (the inquisitive girl) and Winslow (the goofy-but-brilliant boy); Bob the Anteater, who despite his moniker merely wanted to make friends with every ant he met, and who asked endless questions; Ick the Fish, a crabby iconoclast who was forever shooting his mouth off; Oko the old monkey, an inveterate trickster and Tai Chi master; Wart the red-eyed tree frog, the most agreeable and outgoing of the bunch; and Madge the she-turtle, the wisest and most worldly creature in the neighborhood. The series utilized a process called "Shadowmation", which incorporated team puppetry, live-action animatronics, CGI and virtual-reality settings. Aimed at children aged 4 to 8, It's a Big Big World was unveiled by PBS on January 2, 2006. ~ Hal Erickson, Rovi