1. Because I Said SoBecause I Said So

    Release Date: 1/01/07
    Label: Bulletproof

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01. Love Is Coming
02. Weddings And Things
03. Ice Cream Can Be Cold
04. Please Talk To Me
05. Hearts And Hands
06. God Invented Mothers
07. Pretty Windows Maybe
08. Candlesticks
09. Answer It And Talk
10. Personals And Other Looks
11. Your Kid
12. I Never Did
13. Your Want
14. Chemistry
15. What Kind Of Oil
16. Clean Lines And Wishes
17. Computers
18. Spy Mom
19. Mothers Love Advice And Boy
20. Bracelets And Boys
21. Conference Calls
22. Be Right There
23. Whistling Couch
24. There Is Time For You
25. I Should've Known It Was He

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