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After winding up its 12-year CBS network run, Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids (aka The New Fat Albert Show was packaged for daily, off-network syndication. Added to the existing manifest of 60 episodes were 50 new half-hours, many of them dealing with hot-button issues that creator-producer Bill Cosby had been unable to deal with back in the network days. The most famous of these volatile new episodes is "Busted", in which Fat Albert and his friends are innocently involved in a carjacking--whereupon the police teach them a lesson by forcing them to spend a harrowing afternoon behind bars. Based on the then current "Scared Straight" program, this episode contains extremely strong language, and was originally telecast with a live disclaimer from Bill Cosby. Other highlights during the Emmy-nominated syndicated run of Fat Albert include "Watch Thy Neighborhood", in which the kids endeavor to keep their neighborhood safe and sound; "Sinister Stranger", a tense episode involving a kindapper; the self-explanatory "Teenage Mom" and "The Whisky Kids"; "Amiss with Amish", in which the gang doesn't quite know what to make of an Amish boy named Jacob; "Computer Caper", concerning the new dilemma of illegal computer hacking; and "The Runner", in which the kids have a too-close encounter with a young drug runner. On the lighter side, the syndicated version offers such ribtickling episodes as "Cosby's Classic", a half-hour excursion into skewered history; and "The Jinx", wherein our heroes learn not to be dominated by silly superstitions. Also good for a chuckle or two is the series' newest character, a southern-friend law expert known as the Legal Eagle. ~ Hal Erickson, Rovi