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The seventh and final network season of Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids (or to use its then-official title, The New Fat Albert Show serves up eight new episodes, bringing the total since the series' 1972 debut to sixty half-hours. The first episode of the season is "Se Habla Espanol", in which Fat Albert and his pals are in for a bit of culture shock when they met a kid from Mexico. "The Father" deals with the familiar problem of getting used to a stepdad. "Look before you leap" is the best way to sum up the moral of "Two by Two". "Double Cross" doles out another lesson in tolerance. The fine art of staying within the law despite all temptation not to do so is delineated in "Parking Dog". A teenage runaway gets herself and the gang in hot water in "Little Girl Found." And speaking of water, there's far too much of it in the next episode, "Water We Waiting For?" The final network episode is "Watch That First Step", a compelling tale of a youngster's method of coping with an alcoholic parent. ~ Hal Erickson, Rovi