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Although the series had been officially retitled The New Fat Albert Show, the nine new episodes offered up during the sixth season have since been incorporated in the syndicated Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids package. The first Season Six offering is "The Secret",in which Fat Albert and his friends try to help a girl get over the shock of learning that she was adopted. The message of the next episode, "The Gunslinger", is short and sweet: Don't play with guns. Likewise pithy is "Don't ignore illness", the moral of the episode "Pain Pain Go Away". What you see isn't always what you get, or so the gang learns, in "The Rainbow." "Easy Pickins'" warns against succumbing to the temptation to steal. Some irresponsible "tagging" gets Albert and his friends in dutch in "Good Old Days". And rounding out the season are brace of cautionary tales about gambling (Heads or Tails") and substance abuse ("Pot of Gold"). ~ Hal Erickson, Rovi