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Eight new episodes are on the menu as Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids enters its fourth season. For starters, the gang learn the hard way that Fat Albert's warnings about tobacco aren't to be dismissed in "Smoke Gets in Your Hair." The insufferable Rudy falls for a girl who pays no attention to him--but not for the reason one would think--in Episode #2, "What Say?" Rudy is also the center of attention in "Readin', Ritin' and Rudy", in which old Mudfoot has a few choice words about why school is so important. The title character in "Suede Simpson" is what one might call hygienically challenged, so Fat Albert and Russell try to get him to literally clean up his act. The gang tries to get rich quick, only to find that they've been victimized, in "Little Business". And in three of the series' most memorable episodes, the gang tries to wean Monroe away from his TV addiction in "TV or Not TV" (a rather courageous choice of plotlines for a Saturday-morning cartoon show!); Fat Albert's friend Undine is unable to cope with the sudden death of her favorite uncle in "The Shuttered Window"; and in the season finale Junk Food", Slim soon becomes fatter than Fat Albert because of his irresponsible eating habits. ~ Hal Erickson, Rovi