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After coasting along with a full season of nothing but reruns, Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids returned to CBS' Saturday morning lineup in the fall of 1975 with six brand-new episodes. The festivities begin with "The Fuzz", in which Fat Albert and his pals fall in with a new kid who doesn't like cops. This is followed by one of the series' most potent episode, "An Ounce of Prevention", in which the kids come to the aid of a youngster who likes to drink--and we don't mean soda pop. Next up, Albert is afraid to tell his buddies that he's fallen in love in "Fat Albert Meets Dan Cupid". "Take Two, They're Small is the story of how a nice kid like Albert's cousin Justin can be coerced into the not-so-nice habit of shoplifting. In "The Animal Lover", the gang conducts a desperate search for the dog who bit their friend Dulcie. And in the season finale "Little Tough Guy", the plot revolves around a physical deformity and the right and wrong way to deal with it. ~ Hal Erickson, Rovi