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The most famous of Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids' first season episodes doesn't show up until four weeks into the show's run: "Creativity", in which Albert and his pals create their legendary "Junkyard Band." Backtracking a bit, the series opener is "Lying", in which the gang finds out that the friend Edward has been stringing them along with his tales of adventure. Other highlights include "The Runt", where Fat Albert proves to his new pal Pee Wee that size isn't all that matter; "Fish Out of Water", in which the gang is in for quite an eye-opener during their first trip to summer camp; "Playing Hookey", wherein a valuable lesson is learned from a pair of illiterate old hoboes who once thought that skippin' school was cool; "The Hospital", a reworking of Bill Cosby's classic "Tonsils" monologue; "The Hero", which shows that just because you look up to someone doesn't make him worth looking up to; and "The Prankster", an object lesson in the unanticipated consequences of practical jokes. The last of Season One's 14 half-hour offerings is "Stage Fright", which of course Albert and the Cosby Kids must learn to overcome before episode's end. ~ Hal Erickson, Rovi