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Season two of the brutally satirical CGI sci-fi series Tripping the Rift follows the same pattern as Season One, with one major change: Carmen Electra replaces Gina Gershon in the role of Six of One, the oversexed second-in command of Jupiter 42 skipper Chode. In the season opener, Chode's pimply nephew Whip takes charge of his uncle's starship, ultimately ending up a celebrity on the planet Kraven. Later, Chode tries to unload an unwanted cargo on the all-gay Fabulous Planet; deadly-but-dumb space villain Darph Bobo takes a horrible revenge when Chode steals his credit card; the Jupiter 42 crew confronts their innermost fears and some substandard animation on a ghost ship; and Chode's Grandpa Benito wants to get even with Darph for a past slight, hiring Joey No-Balls for that purpose. Also: the mystery of Roswell New Mexico is finally solved when Chode passes through a time warp while escaping the victims of his latest scam; Darph Bobo tries to be "cool" at his high school reunion (villains need reassurance sometimes). Confederatin leader Captain Adam disappears on the hostile planet Creaturepalooza; and in the season finale, Six of One's past comes back to bite her where the moon don't shine, in an episode featuring Patty Hearst as the voice of Haffa Dozen. ~ Hal Erickson, Rovi