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Introduced in 2002 with a 5-minute "pilot", the savagely satirical CGI science-fiction series Tripping the Rift offers thirteen half-hour episodes in its first season. The opener sets the tone for all to come, as Chode, the larcenous purple-skinned commander of the starship Jupiter 42, links up with the incompetent cyborg Gus to solve the mystery of their existence--and end up killing God in the process. Things don't get much better in subsequent episodes, wherein the Confederation of Chode and the Dark Clowns of arch-enemy Darph Bobo square off in the Mutilation Ball Championship; Chode's sexy second in command Six of One enters the Miss Galaxy 5000 Pageant, which is clearly rigged in favor of Darph Bobo's homicidal daughter Babette; the crew end up on a planet where polluting is a capital offence, and where Chode signs his own death warrant for spitting out a gum; and a deal between Chode and the Devil yields only a widescreen plasma TV. Later, android Gus is recalled and replaced by an even more clumsy "upgrade"; Darph Bobo tries to corrupt "2001 Space Idiocies" on a faraway planet; the Bush-Kerry presidential race is skewered when the crew lands on Floridia 7 during a hotly contested political campaign; a trip to Muldavia 5 finds Chode confronting his identical twin, King Regis Philbrick; Chode's nerdish nephew Whip is kidnapped, resulting in a symbolic castration at the hands of Darph Bobo; and in the season finale, Six of One meets an old android boyfriend at an intergalactic male strip bar. ~ Hal Erickson, Rovi