1. Flags of our Fathers [Soundtrack]Flags of our Fathers [Soundtrack]

    Release Date: 1/01/06
    Label: Milan

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Tracks Audio Video Lyrics
01. The Photograph
02. I'll Walk Alone (from "Follow the Boys")
03. Knock Knock, song (used in the film "Flag of our Fathers")
04. Wounded Marines
05. The Thunderer, march for band
06. Armada Arrives
07. Goodbye Ira
08. Second Movement
09. Third Movement
10. Inland Battle
11. Flag Raising
12. Any Bonds Today, song
13. Summit Ridge Drive
14. Vict'ry Polka, song
15. The Medals
16. Platoon Swims
17. The Washington Post, march for band
18. Flags Theme
19. End Titles Guitar
20. End Titles

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