1. David Lynch's Inland Empire [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack]David Lynch's Inland Empire [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack]

    Release Date: 9/11/07

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01. Ghost of Love
02. Rabbits Theme
03. Colors of My Life, song
04. Woods Variation
05. Three to Get Ready, for jazz ensemble
06. Concert for piano & orchestra
07. The Secrets of the Life Tree, for klezmer ensemble
08. The Loco-Motion, song
09. Call From the Past
10. The Dream of Jacob, for orchestra
11. Novelette Conclusion - Excerpt (W. Lutoslawski) / Lisa (J. Altruda) (as
12. Black Tambourine, song
13. Mansion Theme
14. Walkin' on the Sky
15. Polish Night Music No. 1, for piano
16. Colors of My Life, song
17. Sinner Man, spiritual

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