1. Scary Movie 4 [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack]Scary Movie 4 [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack]

    Release Date: 6/06/06
    Label: Varèse Sarabande

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01. Games With Peoples Lives
02. Booya!
03. Tom Wants To Die
04. Cindy Meets The House
05. A Feeling Of Evil
06. Tom And Cindy Fall In Love
07. House Creatures
08. Mrs. Norris Gets A Bath / Encounter In The Attic
09. The Big Mistake
10. Why Is The Sky So Dark?
11. Nothing Will Start
12. Destroy Humanity
13. Cindy Speaks Japanese
14. Dad's Home
15. I Just Don't Get Kids
16. Cindy Sees The Plane Wreckage / Brenda Explains
17. Look What They Did / Car Trouble
18. Cindy And Brenda Are Outsiders
19. The President Enters The U.N.
20. Be All You Can Be
21. Those Of Which We Do Not Speak
22. A Terrible Accident / Basement Medley
23. The Abduction
24. Finding Each Other In The Basket / Getting Sucked In
25. Cindy And Brenda Play The Game
26. The Final Standoff
27. The Way Love Can Find Anyone
28. Crooked Letter, song (for Scary Movie 4)

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