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In this crime thriller with a kinky undertow, police detective Max Garret (Stephen Baldwin) is a cop with a habit of doing things his own way -- so much so that he's just coming off of a six-month suspension for disregarding orders. Garret's first case after returning to active duty is looking into the death of a drug addict who jumped off the roof of a building. However, as Garret and his partner, Eddie Fulton (Charles Malik Whitfield), dig deeper into the matter, they discover links to a series of murders. The victim jumped from the roof of a loft owned by Laura Cross (Kristy Swanson), a photographer who specializes in disturbing erotic images; as Garret questions Cross, he finds himself increasingly attracted to her and he soon falls into an affair with her, but Fulton suspects her involvement in the death is hardly casual -- and unlike Garret, he has a close familiarity with her notorious past. Bound by Lies was produced and briefly distributed under the title Betrayed. ~ Mark Deming, Rovi