1. Joaquin Phoenix
    (Johnny Cash)

  2. Reese Witherspoon
    (June Carter)

  3. Ginnifer Goodwin
    (Vivian Cash)

  1. Robert Patrick
    (Ray Cash)

  2. Dallas Roberts
    (Sam Phillips)

  3. Waylon Payne
    (Jerry Lee Lewis)

  1. Shooter Jennings
    (Waylon Jennings)

  2. Johnny Holiday
    (Carl Perkins)

  3. Sandra Ellis Lafferty
    (Maybelle Carter)

  1. Danny Beene
    (Ezra Carter)

  2. Clay Steakley
    (W.S. "Fluke" Holland)

  3. Johnathan Rice
    (Roy Orbison)

  1. Ridge Canipe
    (Young J.R.)

  2. Lucas Till
    (Young Jack Cash)

  3. Carly Nahon
    (Young Reba Cash)

  1. McGhee Monteith
    (Reba Cash)

  2. Wyatt Entrein
    (Tommy Cash (5))

  3. Hailey Anne Nelson
    (Roseanne Cash)

  1. Kerris Dorsey
    (Kathy Cash)

  2. Delaney Marie Keefe
    (Cindy Cash)

  3. Victoria Hester
    (Carlene Carter)

  1. Deborah Rawlings
    (Diner Waitress)

  2. James DeForest Parker

  3. James Keach

  1. Davielle Boyce
    (Maid at Door)

  2. Al Gardner
    (Texarkana Stage Manager)

  3. Danny Vinson
    (Texarkana MC)

  1. Dave McPhail
    (Armory MC)

  2. Bob King
    (Armory Stage Manager)

  3. Natalie Canerday
    (Lady in the Aisle)

  1. Rhoda Griffis
    (Five and Dime Manager)

  2. Jeff Bailey
    (El Paso Taxi Driver)

  3. Ross Harkins
    (Record Executive)

  1. J.D. Evermore
    (F.B.I. Man)

  2. Helen Ingebritsen
    (Bank Teller)

  3. J.W. Williams
    (Pill Man)

  1. Shane Bowen
    (Jr's Agent)

  2. Tim Ware
    (A&R Man #1)

  3. Dolan Wilson
    (A&R Man #2)

  1. J. Alan Scott
    (Dyess Doctor)

  2. Clare Johnson
    (Lissome Girl)

  3. Michael Ingersoll

  1. Carter Thrower

  2. Jean-Paul McNeely

  3. Brian Deas

  1. Glenda Pannell
    (Neighbor Woman)

  2. Amy Kudela

  3. Tracee Miller
    (Birdie Perkins)

  1. Dan John Miller
    (Luther Perkins)

  2. Larry Bagby III
    (Marshall Grant)

  3. Shelby Lynne
    (Carrie Cash)

  1. Tyler Hilton
    (Elvis Presley)

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