1. 21 Grams21 Grams

    Release Date: 11/25/03
    Label: Varese Sarabande

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01. Do We Lose 21 Grams?
02. Can Things Be Better?
03. Did This Really Happen?
04. Cut Chemist Suite
05. Should I Let Her Know?
06. Can Emptiness Be Filled?
07. Shake Rattle and Roll
08. Can I Be Forgiven?
09. Low Rider
10. Is There a Way to Help Her?
11. Does He Who Looks for the Truth, Deserve the Punishment for ...
12. You're Losing Me
13. Can Dry Leaves Help Us?
14. Can We Mix the Unmixable? [Remix]
15. Can Light Be Found in the Darkness?
16. When Our Wings Are Cut, Can We Still Fly?

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