1. Much Ado about Nothing [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack]Much Ado about Nothing [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack]

    Release Date: 1/01/93
    Label: Epic

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01. The Picnic
02. Overture
03. The Sweetest Lady
04. The Conspirators
05. The Masked Ball
06. The Prince Woos Hero
07. A Star Danced
08. Rich She Shall Be
09. Sigh No More Ladies
10. The Gulling Of Benedick
11. It Must Be Requited
12. The Gulling Of Beatrice
13. Contempt Farewell
14. The Lady Is Disloyal
15. Hero's Wedding
16. Take Her Back Again
17. Die To Live
18. You Have Killed A Sweet Lady
19. Choose Your Revenge
20. Pardon Goddess Of The Night
21. Did I Not Tell You
22. Hero Revealed
23. Benedick The Married Man
24. Strike Up Pipers

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