1. Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack]

    Release Date: 11/23/04

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01. The Bad Beginning
02. Chez Olaf
03. The Baudelaire Orphans
04. In Loco Parentis
05. Resilience
06. The Reptile Room
07. An Unpleasant Incident Involving a Train
08. Curdled Cave
09. Puttanesca
10. Curious Feeling of Falling
11. Regarding the Incredibly Deadly Viper
12. The Marvelous Marriage
13. Lachrymose Ferry
14. Concerning Aunt Josephine
15. VFD
16. The Wide Window
17. Cold As Ike
18. Hurricane Herman
19. Snaky Message
20. The Regrettable Episode of the Leeches
21. Interlude With Sailboat
22. Verisimilitude
23. Loverly Spring
24. A Woeful Wedding
25. Attack of the Hook-Handed Man
26. Taken By Surpreeze
27. One Last Look
28. The Letter That Never Came [From "Lemony Snicket's a Series of Unfortunate]
29. Drive Away (End Title)

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