1. Katie Holmes

  2. Marc Blucas

  3. Amerie

  1. Margaret Colin
    (Melanie Mackenzie)

  2. Lela Rochon
    (Liz Pappas)

  3. Michael Keaton
    (President Mackenzie)

  1. Justine Wachsberger
    (Passing Student)

  2. Sophia Chang
    (Sorority Gal #2)

  3. Teck Holmes
    (Mia's Flame)

  1. Katrina Connor
    (Sorority Gal #1)

  2. Alex Avant
    (Shift Leader)

  3. Andrea Avery
    (Linda Patterson)

  1. Kent Shocknek
    (Contentious Reporter)

  2. Brian Andrew Smith
    (Guy on Street)

  3. Piper Cochrane
    (Communications Director)

  1. Ted Garcia
    (White House Reporter #2)

  2. Andrew Caple-Shaw
    (Agent Dryer)

  3. Mane Andrew
    (Mia's Visitor)

  1. Tim Liles
    (Reporter on Street)

  2. Nicole Avant
    (Protestor #2)

  3. Tim Davis
    (Singer at White House)

  1. Tonoccus McClain
    (Singer at White House)

  2. Scott Dicken
    (Singer at White House)

  3. Drew Harrah
    (Singer at White House)

  1. Enoch Asmuth
    (Singer at White House)

  2. Bryan Kelling
    (Band at Frat Party)

  3. Ed Delmark
    (Band at Frat Party)

  1. Sean Householder
    (Band at Frat Party)

  2. Grecco Buratto
    (Band at Frat Party)

  3. Sonnet Noel Whitaker
    (Laughing Girl)

  1. Tore Birkedal
    (Pizza Guy)

  2. Michael-Ann Connor
    (Protestor #1)

  3. Ryan Raddatz
    (Frat Guy #1)

  1. Melissa Rivers

  2. Dan Brinkle
    (Caucus Host)

  3. Marilyn McIntyre
    (Teacher at Party)

  1. Dwayne Adway
    (Agent Dylan)

  2. Guy Maeda
    (Singer at White House)

  3. Gunther Jensen
    (Football Coach)

  1. Joan Rivers

  2. Peter White
    (College Dean)

  3. Damon Whitaker

  1. Oren Waters
    (Singer at White House)

  2. Ann Ryerson
    (Nurse Practitioner)

  3. Michael Milhoan
    (Agent Bock)

  1. Barry Livingston
    (Press Secretary)

  2. Jay Leno

  3. Ken Moreno
    (Agent Mercer)

  1. Jeff Michael
    (News Reporter)

  2. Johnny Sneed
    (English Professor)

  3. Sheila Shaw
    (Health Center Receptionist)

  1. Toby Moore
    (Frat Guy #2)

  2. Maria Quiban
    (White House Reporter #1)

  3. Steve Tom
    (Senator Downer)

  1. Adam Donshik
    (First Lady's Chief of Staff)

  2. Andy Umberger
    (Secret Service Supervisor)

  3. Bobbi Page
    (Singer at White House)

  1. Freddy Bouciegues
    (Dancing Frat Guy)

  2. Hollis Hill
    (Agent Colvin)

  3. Austin Priester
    (Dancing Frat Guy)

  1. Philip Boyd

  2. Scott Hamm
    (Frat Guy With Water Gun)

  3. Parry Shen
    (Rally Leader)

  1. Natalie Core
    (Lady With Camera)

  2. Forest Whitaker

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