1. Anthony Hopkins
    (Coleman Silk)

  2. Nicole Kidman
    (Faunia Farley)

  3. Ed Harris
    (Lester Farley)

  1. Gary Sinise
    (Nathan Zuckerman)

  2. Wentworth Miller
    (Coleman Silk as a young man)

  3. Lizan Mitchell

  1. Kerry Washington

  2. Phyllis Newman
    (Iris Silk)

  3. Margo Martindale

  1. Ron Canada
    (Herb Keble)

  2. Mili Avital
    (Young Iris)

  3. Danny Blanco Hall

  1. Kristen Blevins
    (Young Ernestine)

  2. Anne Dudek
    (Lisa Silk)

  3. Mimi Kuzyk
    (Professor Delphine Roux)

  1. John Finn
    (Louie Borero)

  2. Stella Arroyave
    (Faculty Committee Member)

  3. Brea Asher
    (Primus' Secretary)

  1. Jude Beny

  2. John Cenatiempo

  3. Jimmy Chang
    (Chinese Restaurant Owner)

  1. Deano Clavet
    (Boxing Coach)

  2. Peter "Sugarfoot" Cunningham

  3. Allison Pratt Davis
    (Diner on the Train)

  1. Vito DeFilippo
    (Mark Silk)

  2. Sylvain Dore
    (St. Nicholas Referee)

  3. Neville Edwards
    (Coleman's Cornerman)

  1. Kim Gandol Ferenczi
    (Rally Protester)

  2. Andrew Forge
    (Faculty Committee Member)

  3. Phillip Collete Gervais
    (Train Conductor)

  1. Charles W. Gray

  2. Steven Grise
    (Rally Protester)

  3. Terry Haig
    (Police Officer #2)

  1. Robert Higden
    (Jeff Silk)

  2. Laurent Imbault
    (Administrative Officer)

  3. Edward Lafferty
    (Rally Protester)

  1. Sylvain Landry
    (Maitre D)

  2. Pierre LeBlanc
    (Naval Recruiter)

  3. Nwamiko Madden
    (Young Man on the Porch)

  1. Richard Mawe
    (Doc Chizner)

  2. Luc Morisette
    (Street Photographer)

  3. Jeff Perry
    (Tennis Player)

  1. Philip Pretten
    (Record Store Manager)

  2. Frank Proctor

  3. Tom Rack

  1. Bill Rowat

  2. Richard Russo
    (Faculty Committee Member)

  3. Jessica Shutle

  1. Danny Stone
    (Tennis Player)

  2. Rick Snyder
    (Tennis Player)

  3. Vlasta Vrana
    (Solly Tabak)

  1. Kate Whitney
    (Mrs. Primus)

  2. Russell Yuen
    (Chinese Waiter)

  3. Lydia Zadel
    (Nature Center Girl)

  1. Jacinda Barrett
    (Steena Paulsson)

  2. Harry J. Lennix
    (Mr. Silk)

  3. Clark Gregg
    (Nelson Primus)

  1. Anna Deavere Smith
    (Mrs. Silk)

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