1. The Cat in the Hat [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack]

    Release Date: 11/18/03
    Label: Decca

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01. Main Title / The Kids
02. Getting Better
03. The Cat
04. Two Things ... Couch Jumping ... Leaky Crate
05. Military Academy Seduction
06. Mrs. Kwan / Mom Leaves
07. Surfer Cat / The Phunometer
08. Fun, Fun, Fun (for the film The Cat in the Hat)
09. The Contract
10. Oven Explodes / Clean Up this Mess
11. Things Wreck the House
12. Larry the Slob
13. Birthday Party
14. S.L.O.W. Drive
15. Rescuing Nevens
16. Clean Up (for the film The Cat in the Hat)

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