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Those tuning in as the animated redneck sitcom King of the Hill began its second season may have noticed that the characters have been slightly redesigned; made to appear more appealing and less grotesque. The season opener is "How to Fire a Rifle Without Really Trying," one of several installments in which macho Hank Hill is publicly embarrassed by his "not quite right" son Bobby. Other episodes include the Halloween entry, wherein a character who's even more conservative than Hank has everyone believing that the holiday is the Devil's work and that Hank is a Satanist for setting up a haunted house; a touching half hour in which Bobby's self-esteem shoots up when he is hired as a photographer's model (for overweight children's clothes); and Hank's loss of an important propane contract when he and his family don't measure up to a client's image of "the typical Texan." Ultimately, Hank loses his job with Strickland Propane, forcing him into the humiliating position of working for motorcycle bum Buckley at the local Mega Lo Mart. Also: Hank and Peg Hill's niece Luanne inaugurates a Christian TV puppet show, "The Manger Babies"; Peg learns several years after the fact how her hubby Hank really got mono back in high school; Hank's obnoxious father Cotton plots to steal the leg of General Santa Ana; Luanne's homicidal mom Leanne is released from prison; and the intensely inarticulate Boomhauer aspires to drive in the NASCAR race. The season literally ends with a bang when the Mega Lo Mart is destroyed in a propane explosion -- and viewers won't find out who survives the disaster until the beginning of season three. Guest voices heard during season two of King of the Hill include Wallace Shawn, James Carville, John Ritter, Burt Reynolds, Stockard Channing, Carl Reiner, Tammy Wynette (as Hank's mom Tilly), Troy Aikman, Jennifer Jason Leigh, Paul Rodriguez, and John Amos. ~ Hal Erickson, Rovi